Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"High Performance Kid"

Wow, 2 blog posts in a row!! I getting on a roll here. I am just thrilled with how Izak is doing in ABM therapy, and just feel the need to get on here and brag, lol, plus it is a good way for me to keep track of progress. Monday and Tuesday were great therapy sessions. Have I told you that my kid is AMAZING, I know I have, many many times, and I will continue to do so!!!!

So, what has Izak done the past couple of days,,, (I take notes from J.R. after every ABM session because I am really not allowed to talk during therapy lol, hard for me, but in the end we talk about the progress for the day)

  • Izak is differentiating between his legs, instead of moving his legs as one he is moving them separately (A lot of children with CP tend to thing as the legs as one unit in the brain).

  • Izak is using his extensors (pushing) with his legs, subtle, but it is happening more and more.

  • Izak is really really getting frustrated (imagine that, my red-headed monster) and really trying to roll to his side, he is trying to get from point A to point B,, BUT, he has to learn all the small steps in between, and learn how to use different muscles in the appropriate way. Izak and J.R. are working hard on building up to be able to do this movement.

  • The organization of Izak's back is much better, he isn't using spasms to move, the back is much more relaxed.

  • Izak had some AMAZING hand work going on, which is what the video shows, he was super interested in J.R.'s finger and his hands were delicately wrapped around it, and he would open and close his hand around J.R.'s finger. His eyes were very wide and alert during this, and he was trying to look at what his hand was feeling (we will be working on the neck, he turns his head now, but we need a more fluid movement, and it isn't consistent yet).

  • J.R. stated Izak is making sense out of nonsense and order out of disorder!!!! Izak is a smart cookie!!

When discussing the events of the day, J.R. laughed and said "Izak is just a high performance kid, he wants to please me, you, himself, and he works very hard at it." Just think, if Izak is doing all of these wonderful small little things now with such determination and will, imagine what he will be doing months down the road. All little things must be learned and put together to build up to bigger things,, and that is just what he is doing. It is amazing, just amazing to see God working in Izak. It is the smallest things in life that are the BIGGEST Blessings!! Thank you for checking in with us, leave us a note, we love hearing from you, your encouragement means the world to us!! Thank you for loving my family, please keep Izak in your prayers, keep all of his buddies in your prayers, pray for health and strength. We love you all!! Check back in soon!!! God Bless,,,

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